Ratafia’s univers

Itinerary to discover emblematic places of Santa Coloma de Farners (La Selva) related with the Ratafia liquor.

The central point is a flexible exhibition on Trias pastry where everyone can know the relation of people with this liquor, find information about its elaboration, color, smell and all the social and cultural movement behind the annual Ratafia’s party. You can also find the Olympus of Ratafía, where there are displayed the very best of the last 30 years liquor’s competition.

Others points of the town show you about Ratafia’s history, the ingredients, the party or the literature. In this one, a cardboard bench is offered to you to read some literary extracts inspirated by this liquor. In other points people can access to audiovisual materials through QR codes.

The coordinated elements of this itinerary shows us how that in Santa Coloma de Farners the Ratafia is drunk and lived all the year.