La Volta

La Volta (lap and turn over in catalan) project is a framework for creators, artisans and artists. They are co working establishments with a gallery, a shop and a workshop in Assumpció square in Sant Narcís neighbourhood in Girona. This is a project from Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani and it is coordinated by Associació Cultural Fang.

The graphic image links concepts as crafts, meeting point and the possibility to go around the shops (also “voltar” in catalan). It is also linked with the idea of “turning over” the neighbourhood and revitalizing it. A “frame” frames all the applications, it brings attention to what is happening in La Volta and it also plays with the letters of the name that go around the “frame”.

The graphic concept is open and it is adapted to different formats, as zoetrope business cards, introducing brochure, posters, textile merchandising and a vinyl framing the shop window.