Oriol Piferrer Saló regents La Fonda Gràfica. The interest for some product’s graphic design was awake before I got my Higher Degree of Design, but all started at EINA university school. Concepts as proximity, humanity, roots, dialogue and creativity  applied to visual solutions  with an own character. A direct relation and work in collaboration with other professionals are the ingredients to solve the communication needs of each project. Ah! And this website rusn on green energy. Graphic design and a bit more.

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ADG Laus 2023. Barcelona. 2023

The Book. ADG Laus 2020. Barcelona. 2020

Selected The Book 2020. Bilbao Bizkaia. 2020

Communication Design Annual, 59. Menlo Park, USA. 2018

Communication Design Annual, 58. Menlo Park, USA. 2017

Packaging structure. Artpower Int. Publishing Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, China. 2016

Handmade packaging Graphics. Ed. Monsa. Barcelona. 2016

Communication Arts Typography Annual 6, 56. Menlo Park, USA. 2016

Communication Arts Design Annual, 56. Menlo Park, USA. 2015

Graffica. 2015

The Dieline. I · II . 2015

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Packaging of the world. I · II · III · IV. 2014/15

Novum. World of Graphic Design. 10.14. München, Germany. 2014

Experimenta Magazine. 2014

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Catalunya Creativa 1999-2014 exhibition. Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona. 2014

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“Nudi o vestiti? Comunicare con il packging”. Food, wine, design week. Exhibition. Alba (Italy). 2014

Selected D. Graphic Design from Europe. Ed. Index Book. 2013

LAUS 2013. Ed. ADG-FAD. 2013

Cosas Visuales. 2013

Eter Visual2013

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Select K. Diseño Gráfico en España. Ed. Index Book. 2012

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Love Earth. Ed. Victionary. 2011

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El diseño crea igualdad catalog. 2004



Bronze Laus, Cover Book. 2022.  40 moons, 40 suns

Silver Laus, Poster. 2020.  Rosquilles, bunyols, melindros & torrons

Selected 20 Award. Bilbao, 2020.  Rosquilles, bunyols, melindros & torrons

Gold Award Anuaria. Logo. 2019. Neus Monllor

Anuaria Award 2018. Social interest campaign. 2018. Fire flocks

Design Annual 2018. Communication Arts Magazine. USA, 2018. Corriols Ratafia

Design Annual 2017. Communication Arts Magazine. USA, 2017. Captain wine

Typography Annual 6. Communication Arts Magazine. USA, 2016. SCF 1842 Ratafia

Communication Arts Design Competition. USA, 2015. 1842 Ratafia

2 Bronze Laus, 2014. A sol i serena, De bandera

Bronze Laus, 2013. Ratafia XL

Bronze Laus, 2012. Olot Participa

Finalist Gidi Awards, 2012. Comptem amb tu 

Selection COAC Awards, 2012. Lambert Escaler i Olot

Finalist Gidi Awards, 2011. Mercat d’Hostalric, Congrés Comunicació Ambiental

Generació Digital, Catalunya Ràdio, 2009. Hattrick shield

COAC Awards, 2008. 100 anys de la ciutat d’Olot

Silver Laus, 2008. Carnestoltes de Banyoles 2007

Visual Awards of book design, 2007. Amb màniga curta

COAC Awards, 2007. 10 anys de premis d’arquitectura de Girona

Silver Laus, 2005. August party

Selection El diseño crea igualdad, 2004. Igualdad, así en la tierra como en el cielo

1rst. Congress of Environmental Comunication

Consell Comarcal de la Selva (public administration)


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