Roca Guillera

Roca Guillera’s ratafia joins the Scouts essence of going to the forests and the Francisca Pastells (an appreciated ratafia maker) knowledge . A project that mix youth and experience, where youngers learned to identify and collect the herbs from the environment guided by the Ratafia’s Brotherhood of Santa Coloma de Farners. The master Xavier Codina (Ratafia Russset Distillery) has been in charge of showing how the herbs are transformed into this traditional liquor following the Francisca’s recipe. Precisely she, a woman in love with the forest, born and lived near the Roca Guillera, a summit that gives name to the Scouts group and to this ratafia. The label show the natural marks and spots of walk in a forest, tipical from child clothes when they return from camps or excursions.*The QR code links at a route to climb Roca Guillera’s top.